Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Health Insurance Savings - How To Go About It

Do you want to make savings in your health insurance? I'll give you tips that will ensure you get that without compromising your coverage. If you use them well, you'll get the best health insurance coverage for you at the best price possible.

1) Be Prepared. Know what you want. Ask your doctor what's best for you and why it's best for you. If you don't get this information from an expert you can trust, you'll be easily pushed around by recommended policies from every wannabe expert out there. Once you get this information, you are set. The cheapest policy is too expensive if it leaves you exposed. In the same vein, an oversize coverage (stuff you don't need) is equally expensive.

2) Understand your peculiar needs. Are you a lady who plans to have a baby soon? Do you have a health condition? It's a very wise decision to get coverage that takes care of your needs. That's what health insurance is all about in the first place.

3) Depending on your frequency to the hospital, you can request a higher deductible. The higher you make your deductible the lower your health insurance premium. However, bear in mind that your deductible has to be paid first before your insurance company is obligated by law to do anything. Therefore, make sure you ask for a deductible that you can handle with a level of ease.

4) Make sure you visit at least three health insurance quotes and comparison sites. Visiting this number reduces the odds that you'll pass by a potential great price/value. Please note that I didn't just say the lowest priced. The value you get for the price you pay is really what determines whether you paid too much or not.

By Chimezirim Chinecherem Odimba

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